Pipe repair is a scary thing for a homeowner, company, or any type of property manager to go through. With the risk of delaying business, having your bathrooms and sinks unusable in your homes, etc., it is important to feel comfortable and confident when choosing a sewer pipe repair company.

With decades of experience, the experts at Pipelining Technologies, Inc. take great pride in their ability to provide high-quality, top-notch service to all clients. Whether it’s a smaller project for a home or a large projects for a high-rise condominium building, Pipelining Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to offering unmatched customer service and personal attention.

The following are some of the top reasons why pipe repair with us is the right idea:

  1. Pull-in-place method is able to target any angles and bends in the pipe
  2. Significant strengthening of the piping structure
  3. The ability to fix any cracks, leaks, or root intrusion
  4. Non-invasive option compared to traditional repair methods
  5. Absolutely NO excavation or digging
  6. Can line only a portion of the pipe instead of the entire line
  7. Fixes plastic, lead, clay, and cast iron pipes
  8. Increase of flow capacity within pipes
  9. Flexibility and cost savings guaranteed
  10. Unmatched customer service and personal care

At Pipelining Technologies, Inc., our expert pipe repair specialists are highly skilled and highly experienced. We treat each and every project with the attention to detail that it requires to get the job done correctly, in a timely manner, and without any destruction to the surrounding property.