NEW! High-Pressure Pipe Lining

For more than 50 years, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology has led the industry with the best applications and results for pipe rehabilitation.

Now, the next generation of CIPP has arrived, introducing trenchless pipe rehabilitation and replacement for high-pressure applications.

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Why High Pressure Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation?

After decades of use, high-pressure pipes are dramatically compromised. When pipes lose pressure, safety issues mount, and so does the potential for catastrophe. Extensive excavation was previously the only solution. But with our technology, we now have better options.

Our next-gen trenchless lining technology is more convenient, less invasive and more cost-effective than excavation. Rehabilitate aging, damaged water mains and fire service mains faster, easier and with less hassle.

Minimally Invasive

Excellent restoration with minimal intrusion to the building structure

Extends Asset Life

Extend the life of your building assets with structural renewal


No need for costly trench digging—restore your pipes from the inside

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Video Library

View in-depth videos explaining how the High-Pressure Pipelining process works.

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How it works


Inspection and Preparation

We complete a visual inspection of the pipe with video technology, verifying pipe diameter and the details of the job


Clean the Pipe

Next, we clean the pipe to remove any loose particles and potential obstructions before the re-lining takes place


Liner Preparation and Impregnation

Then, the liner is saturated with epoxy resin while under vacuum (an ASTM F2994 compliant process) and prepped for installation


Installation and Cure

Finally, the liner is installed into the host pipe with an inversion method (compliant with ASTM F1216) and cured with steam or hot water


Liner Termination

After the cool down and cure, the liner is terminated and the service connections can be re-established

Safe and Certified Process

Our trenchless technology for high-pressure pipe restoration is rated to the highest standards for safety and property loss as certified by the following organizations.

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