About Pipelining Technologies, Inc.

The President and Founder of Pipelining Technologies, Inc. is a Florida State Certified Plumbing Contractor (License # CFC1428578) with over 35 Years of experience. We are also a Licensed General Contractor, dedicated to providing the highest level of service to resolve your drainage issues, so we employ expertly trained, PTI-approved technicians. Rest assured that our professional crewmembers will care for your apartment, condominium, or business and renew your pipes for decades of worry-free use.

Since 2004, Pipelining Technologies’ proven trenchless (no-dig) process has been used to restore drainage lines and rainwater leader piping to like-new condition without destruction of floors, walls, foundations, landscaping, parking lots, sidewalks, or driveways. 

Today, Pipelining Technologies, Inc. is the leader for cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining in South Florida. Our award-winning services have been featured in news articles, industry publications, and even a reality TV show that highlights the nation’s most innovative trenchless providers.

Our outstanding reviews reflect the fact that the entire PTI team strives for 100% customer success.

Our President & Company Information

Michael Wilson Pipelining Technologies


The founder of Pipelining Technologies, Inc., Mike Wilson is a State of Florida Licensed Plumbing Contractor with more than four decades of residential, commercial, and disaster-recovery experience. His leadership has guided PTI to international recognition as one of the world's foremost Trenchless Pipe Lining Companies. Known for his honest, straightforward, highly-focused style of motivation, Mike Wilson continues to require excellence within the industry.
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Our history


Founded The Florida Plumbing Apprenticeship Association

A federally funded, non-union, fully-accredited plumbing apprenticeship program with the Florida CILB. The program’s four-year curriculum included preparation for the Florida Certified Plumbing Contractor’s licensing exam and the Backflow Device Certification licensing exam. The program was supported by Palm Beach Community College, with the classrooms and labs located at the Lake Worth Campus. Mr. Wilson received University of Florida TREEO Instructor Certification in 1986 and was an active Instructor until 1990.

Pipelining Technologies, Inc.

After 20 years as a Licensed Plumbing Contractor, Mike Wilson, Sam Dosdourian, and their team traveled the world for extensive specialty training in trenchless sewer repair. Pipelining Technologies, Inc. is launched! The company specializes exclusively in patented European techniques, utilizing robotic reinstatement cutters and more of the most advanced equipment in the industry. For the first time, Southeast Florida property owners have a minimally-invasive, cost-saving option to conventional sanitary and storm drainage pipe repair or replacement.


State of Florida Declaratory Statement

Michael Wilson works tirelessly to help bring meaningful change to the issue of unlicensed individuals entering sewer systems and practicing plumbing. Thanks largely to his efforts, The State of Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board issued Declaratory Statement DS 2012-027. In part, it reads: “Therefore, the Board hereby issues a declaratory statement that a plumber’s license is required to perform the described work because it requires entry into the sanitary sewer lines.” This is an enormous win for protecting Florida property owners and raising CIPP industry standards!

Pillar of Essential Service in Time of Need

In the Spring of 2020, when Covid-19 precautions required most South Florida residents to isolate at home, Pipelining Technologies remained committed to providing safe, essential services. With the health and safety of team members and customers above all, PTI was able to supply many local residents and businesses with  low-impact, non-invasive critical pipe rehabilitation. The company continues to focus on digital (virtual) contact, enhanced sanitation and safety measures, and delivering the finest trenchless pipe lining services to each and every customer.

Our Team

Michael Wilson Pipelining Technologies

Michael Wilson


The founder of Pipelining Technologies, Inc., Mike Wilson is a State of Florida Licensed Plumbing Contractor with more than four decades of residential, commercial, and disaster-recovery experience. His leadership has guided PTI to international recognition as one of the world's foremost Trenchless Pipe Lining companies.

Sam Dosdourian

Sam Dosdourian


As a State of Florida Licensed General Contractor, Sam's vast construction knowledge and quest for innovative technologies led him to become part of Pipelining Technologies, Inc. He brings decades of in-depth problem-solving, and deep construction experience to the Pipelining Technologies, Inc. team.

Patricia Wegener

Patty Wegener

Office Manager

One of the original team members, Patty has gracefully helped PTI grow into Southeast Florida's #1 Pipe Lining Company. She manages the business office and human resources. Patty is often referred to as the "heart" of our company.

Taylor Wilson

Taylor Wilson

Sales Manager

Having an extensive pipe lining background (since 2013), Taylor manages all project sales. His initiatives have implemented technology that brings enhanced communication and optimal results to our customers throughout their PTI experience.

Loren Wilson

Loren Wilson

Operations Manager

Loren oversees all installations and has had hands-on experience in nearly every aspect of trenchless pipe lining since 2012. He possesses an exceptional understanding of drainage systems, CIPP methods, and management.

William Pedersen

William Pedersen

Senior Commercial Estimator

William leads commercial and condominium pipe lining projects. His more than 8 years of experience working with Property Owners, Condo Boards, and Management Teams, his intuitive nature and keen eye for schematics, allow for the most accurate communication and smooth project execution.

Paige Downes

Paige Asprilla

Senior Estimator

Having pipe problems? Paige can help! She leads our residential pipe lining projects and can answer all of your questions. You can count on Paige to offer you the most efficient, least invasive, budget-friendly solutions for your home's needs. She's been guiding PTI customers since 2014 - talk to Paige today!

Melissa Delgado

Melissa Delgado

Schedule & Permit Coordinator

Melissa is Pipelining Technologies' permit expert. She will work with your municipality to facilitate a pleasant permitting experience throughout your service. She will also coordinate your appointments. Once your pipe project is complete, Melissa will send your warranty information.

Rrenis Petrey Headshot

Rrenis Petrey

Team Leader

Rrenis is an experienced pipe lining professional committed to setting the finest standards for CIPP installation and customer care. With advanced training and Robotics Certification, Rren ensures your property receives outstanding time management and top-notch service.

Cody Roth Headshot

Cody Roth

Team Leader

Cody has been with PTI since 2016. He has earned the highest level of technician certification and has advanced training certificates for Robotic Reinstatements. His skills confidently produce excellent pipe rehabilitation results with every project.

Danny warehouse branded shirt josh background

Danny Cal

Team Leader

Danny came on board with PTI in 2013. He has achieved our most advanced certification for the installation of trenchless CIPP lining and is certified in Robotic Reinstatements. Danny is dedicated to team communication and 100% customer success!

Marcelo Bernales Headshot

Marcelo Bernales

Sanitation Officer

Marcello is on a mission to keep our team members and customers as healthy and safe as possible! With us since 2014, he maintains PTI's stringent sanitation measures throughout our headquarters. We meet or exceed recommended sanitation standards.

Eli Mandel v2

Eli Mandel

Warehouse Manager

Eli joined the team in 2020 and has quickly organized the warehouse and team to be very productive and efficient. He enjoys managing and overseeing so that every job is equipped with all the proper materials in a timely manner. His diligence, innovativeness and thoroughness ensure that every project goes smoothly.


Lisa Young

Office Assistant

Lisa's kind voice may be the first sound you hear when you call Pipelining Technologies. Rest assured that she'll help connect you to the right team member. She takes care of many office duties. We're sure you'll agree that Lisa is a wonderful addition to the PTI family.

Our Credentials

License: CFC1428578

Real Reviews From Happy Customers

Germany Journey

Our Beginning

As a state-licensed plumbing contractor since 1985, we have always enjoyed repairing pipes and solving problems for our customers. We know just how important a well-functioning sewer/drainage system is to every type of property – single-family homes, condominiums, commercial spaces, and industrial buildings. But there was one thing we did not enjoy about performing conventional pipe repairs – the destructive trench digging required to access the pipes. We were routinely forced to dig through slab foundations, tear up flooring, remove cabinetry, and open large portions of walls.

We weren’t content with remaining the same and began studying burgeoning plumbing advancements, technological strides, some demonstrating decades of proven success. We were naturally drawn to the most outstanding of the industry breakthroughs, a minimally-invasive pipe rehabilitation method that promised to eliminate trench digging by restoring failed pipes from within, rather than removing them.

When we decided it was time to dive into intensive CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) training, we realized that doing it the right way would demand an enormous commitment and involve our team traveling to multiple countries over the course of several years. It was an investment we were willing to make. So, we set out on what would become a worldwide journey to discover the best practices and bring the ultimate in trenchless pipe lining benefits to our South Florida customers.

Origin of Pipe Lining (Thank You, Mr. Wood!)

The first publicly recognized installation of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) took place in 1971 by Eric Wood, in London, England. The story is told that Mr. Wood wanted to stop a leak in a pipe below his garage. Not wanting to dig trenches through his entire beloved garage, he invented a way to repair the pipe in place and in doing so, ended up revolutionizing the pipe repair industry. As a result of his persistence, trenchless pipe lining was born. Throughout the 1970s, Europe and Japan began using it in residential applications.

The United States tackled limited residential installations in the 1980s, although there was an overwhelming need for professional education and industry standards, which would take years to create.

Throughout the 1990s and into the early 2000s, cured-in-place pipe found it’s way in America. And it was right around that time that the Pipelining Technologies crew was preparing to learn everything they could from the masters in the trenchless industry.

Our Global Quest

As the world celebrated the turn of the Millenium, we were focused on thorough research and testing in the high-tech field of trenchless pipe repair. Shortly thereafter, that commitment sent us traveling to Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and throughout Europe in search of equipment, products, advanced training, and materials.

The subsequent years saw team members certified, equipment purchased, materials shipped, and our warehouse bursting with stock imported from the finest providers. Soon, we were ready to begin installing structural pipe lining, just like we were taught in Europe.

Today, it’s common for our teams to use a precision robotic reinstatement cutter from Denmark, a fitting liner from Sweeden, and lining material from Germany on a South Florida pipe lining project. Why is this important? Because we’ve found the ultimate trenchless products and that’s all we use on every project – including yours!

Investing In Our Team

We are proud to state that our team was trained and certified in the highest standards of European pipe lining techniques. Thanks to these extraordinary efforts, we are confident that Pipelining Technologies can provide world-class trenchless pipe repair for single-family homes, condominiums, and commercial or industrial buildings.

Many of our team members have been with PTI for a considerable number of years. We conduct ongoing training, introduce advanced methods, robotic skills, superlative accreditations, and other opportunities for career advancement. From the front office to the warehouse to the job sites, we are truly thankful to have such outstanding, dedicated members of the Pipelining Technologies’ Family.

#1 in South Florida CIPP

We know the tremendous amount of time, effort, and dedication it took to bring the valuable service of trenchless sewer pipe repair to South Florida property owners, so our desire to stay #1 remains strong.

We’re determined to exceed industry standards and bring 100% customer satisfaction. Recent advancements with continuous inversion, superior robotic reinstatements, and UV light curing, have heightened our CIPP services. There’s no limit to where this innovative industry and evolving technology may take us next!

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