The Importance of Proper Training and Certification for Technicians Performing Trenchless Pipe Repair

You’ve probably heard the quote, “knowledge is power,” once or twice. Well, when it comes to trenchless pipe repair, we couldn’t agree more. The importance of proper training and certification for technicians performing this task cannot be overlooked. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of our technicians being trained and certified in the highest standards of European pipe lining techniques.

Unlike traditional pipe repair methods, trenchless pipe repair involves repairing pipes from the inside using advanced technologies like cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. Since this type of pipe repair is a highly complex and specialized, it requires a high level of expertise and skill to perform correctly. Without the correct training and certification, technicians may lack the necessary knowledge and/or experience to conduct repairs safely and effectively. 

Trenchless pipe repair also involves using advanced technology and equipment not required in other traditional pipe repair methods. If handled without the correct training, this equipment can be dangerous for technicians. Specialized training will help technicians understand how to operate all of our equipment safely and effectively, minimizing the risk of accidents or property damage.

Specialized training and certification not only ensure safety during trenchless pipe repair but also assure customers that the technician performing the repair is qualified and knowledgeable. This assurance can be crucial in building trust and confidence in the service being provided and can provide peace of mind to customers who rely on their plumbing systems for daily operations and activities.

Investing in proper training and certification is essential to providing high-quality, reliable service to our customers. We conduct ongoing training and introduce advanced methods, robotic skills, superlative accreditations, and other opportunities for career advancement. Learn more about our team and request a quote today.

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