Benefits Of Epoxy Lining Over Styrene

Epoxy lining and styrene are both commonly used materials in trenchless repair methods. While both materials offer certain advantages, epoxy lining offers several benefits over styrene. In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the key advantages of epoxy lining.

What is epoxy?

Epoxy is a type of resin usually used in trenchless repair due to its strong bonding properties and structural reinforcement capabilities. This two-component system comprises a base resin and a hardener. When combined, these components undergo a chemical reaction, transforming into a solid and durable material.

Superior Strength and Durability

Epoxy lining forms a strong, seamless, and rigid pipe within the existing damaged pipe, enhancing its structural integrity and resistance to future cracking, corrosion, and leaks. Whether your old pipe had cracks, holes, channeling or age depreciation, the epoxy will essentially create a new pipe, completely sealed and free from all of the previous issues.

Chemical Resistance

Epoxy lining can withstand corrosive elements, toxic chemicals, and more. This chemical resistance ensures that the epoxy-lined pipes can withstand corrosive environments and reduce the risk of further deterioration.
Reduced Shrinkage

Epoxy lining has minimal shrinkage during the curing process, ensuring a tight and secure bond with the existing pipe. Since the liner starts out flexible, it’s able to navigate around most common bends, plumbing connections, even diameter changes. And once it’s hardened, the liner is 100% sealed and solid, locking out all of the old issues and forming a new, structural surface.

Rapid Curing Time

Epoxy lining has a faster curing time compared to styrene-based materials. Not only does this allow for quicker project completion, but it minimizes disruption to the surrounding area.
Environmentally Friendly

The manufacturing process of epoxy lining is a green process that does not create carbon emissions responsible for the greenhouse effect. Epoxy is also 100% solid, durable, and has low VOC emissions, this makes it a safer choice for workers and reducing the environmental impact.

Epoxy lining is a superior choice over styrene in trenchless pipe repair for several reasons. The exceptional strength, durability, and chemical resistance contribute to a seamless and robust pipe structure, minimizing the risk of future damage and leaks. Plus, your new liner has a life-use expectancy of 50 years! Learn more about our team and request a quote today.

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