William Pedersen interviewed on Condo Craze and HOA's radio show.

Condo Craze and HOA’s is a popular radio show on 850 WFTL. Last week, the radio show featured South Florida’s pipe repair experts, Pipelining Technologies, Inc. with an interview with William Peterson, a piping specialist. As a licensed plumbing company and general contractor, Pipelining Technologies, Inc. has been located in West Palm Beach for over 29 years and over the last 5 Years has done nothing but specialize in the installation of pipelining underneath condo buildings and large commercial buildings. Their expertise lies in the apparent quality, experience, and customer satisfaction.

The show’s host mentioned that not only is Pipelining Technologies, Inc. an incredible sponsor for the radio show, but that they always have an enormous presence at seminars, often a line of people waiting to speak with William. The Pipelining Technologies, Inc booth is constantly approached by people asking questions about their pipes, getting quotes, and asking about their products.

Listen to the radio show here & the following weeks show mentioning Pipelining Technologies, Inc.

Below we recap some of the greatest highlights from the Condo Craze and HOA’s radio interview with William:

  • Addressing a caller’s concerns over units on the first floor experiencing backups and flooding: “you have to realize that plumbing infrastructure with cast iron only last 25-35 Years, so issues with backing up on first floor are typically because of a sanitary drainage system is gravity fed and units will drain to city sewer. First floor units can’t drain when bottom of pipe is missing. So what happens is water goes into ground, raw sewage can’t travel to the city sewer and stays in line and then backups to first floor units.”
  • Comparing pipelining to the medical industry: “Much like doctors use a stint to unplug blocked artery in heart. The doctor uses a small camera to find blockage and then fixes the damage – pipe repair uses the same type of technology. A larger camera goes underground to find blockage, they diagnose the problem, and then they put in a structural liner to restore the pipe’s natural condition to how it was originally engineered.”
  • Benefits with Pipelining Technologies, Inc.: “No digging, saves thousands of dollars with a preventative and maintenance cycle of pipe inspection, no disturbance at all, no mess to paved areas, 10-year warranty on parts and labor, 50-year life-use expectancy for materials, handles pipe and sewer repairs for high-rise condos, homes, and commercial buildings.”
  • Oak tree issues in South Florida: “Big issue in South Florida, the tree roots look form water and there is always water in a storm or sanitary pipe. The pipe gets brittle, erodes, and roots grow in causing blockages.”
  • Price savings with Pipelining Technologies, Inc.: “Huge difference in cost savings due to no destruction to surrounding areas, time, convenience, and costs 30-50% less when compared to conventional methods of repair.”