An Overview of Sewer Lines Today

Sewer systems in residential and commercial structures have changed dramatically over the last several decades. Pipes built 40 to 50 years ago were constructed with material that was susceptible to corrosion and other elements of nature that ended up compromising the pipe’s ability to carry the structure’s sewage. When the pipes aged over the years, [...]

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Root Intrusion in your Sewer Line

Summer is often a perfect time for home improvement. With a little extra daylight and hopefully some vacation time off, it’s an excellent time to focus on the housework that you and your family have been avoiding for months. With June right around the corner, it’s important to keep in mind some of the most [...]

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Condo Craze and HOA’s Asks for Pipelining Technologies Expertise

Condo Craze and HOA’s is a popular radio show on 850 WFTL. Last week, the radio show featured South Florida’s pipe repair experts, Pipelining Technologies, Inc. with an interview with William Peterson, a piping specialist. As a licensed plumbing company and general contractor, Pipelining Technologies, Inc. has been located in West Palm Beach for over [...]

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Options for Your Home’s Aging Pipe Systems

The United States began manufacturing cast iron pipes in the early 1800’s in order to facilitate the water distribution and then eventually waste water disposal. About 90 years later, in the 1890’s, cast iron soil piping systems became a thriving industry. Any type of construction in homes and commercial buildings utilized cast iron soil to [...]

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