Board Members: Are You Forgetting Something in Your 2019 budget?

Board Members: The new year is just around the corner, it is time to consider your condominium's budget for 2019. Likely you have an expected list of expenditures whether they be administrative expenses, building maintenance, or utilities. However, you may be forgetting a critical line item: SANITARY DRAINAGE PIPE REHABILITATION. If you neglect to budget [...]

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Can Your Building Handle The Rain? – Hurricane Season Preparedness

Hurricane Season Preparedness Aging buildings, especially those built prior to 1985, may not be as equipped for hurricane season as you may think. This article discusses two important areas in hurricane preparedness that warrant the attention of board members and property managers. First, the dangersĀ thatĀ old rain drainage pipes pose to flat roof [...]

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Your Building’s Drainage System: How it Works and Repair Options

Was your condominium or apartment building built before 1985? Are you experiencing regular toilet stoppages and backups, tree root intrusion, or sewer odors? If so, the long-term solution is NOT having your sewer lines snaked every few months. Property Managers, HOA/Condominium Board Members, and home owners face a real challenge today, especially in areas where [...]

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