How to Kill Tree Roots in Sewer Line

//How to Kill Tree Roots in Sewer Line

Root intrusion, better known as tree roots in sewer lines, can cause serious destruction to sewer drainage systems. When they invade, tree roots have the capacity to grow extremely lengthy distances. The root invasion works by penetrating a small hole within the drainage pipe. Eventually, the tree root can travel enormous distances below residential or commercial structures under the slab of the property.

Once it is determined that the tree root or other type of organic plant material is the cause of the clogged or stopped drainage pipe, the real problems begin to arise. In these cases, the penetration of the tree root has likely caused a crack, a hole, or a separation in the pipe. The sewer drainage system is then greatly compromised and will be unable to function properly. Even worse, once the tree root intrusion has begun, the moisture from the leak is likely to continually attract more and more root intrusion from the plants surrounding the original penetration.

Tree Roots In Pipes

When invasions have become severe, homeowners and commercial property owners may be forced to hire a pipe repair company in order to fix the structure of the piping. The sewer drainage pipe will need a structural lining in order to repair the damages caused by the tree root intrusion. Using an advanced pipelining process, a “sleeve” is created inside of the pipe. This sleeve serves as a seamless liner that is able to seal and eliminate¬†every¬†type of water leak possible. Once water is unable to penetrate the pipe, the tree roots will no longer be attracted to this specific area, as the growth of the root depends upon that leaking water.

After Lining

While serious problems surrounding tree roots in sewer lines will require a pipe repair, the best case scenario is certainly avoiding this process all together. Therefore, it is important to understand how to kill tree roots in sewer lines to avoid this potential disaster. Taking a proactive approach will help to reduce the likelihood of a tree root intrusion all while strengthening the structure of your sewer drainage system.

Homeowners and commercial property owners should adhere to the following advice regarding killing tree roots within their sewer lines:

  • Rock Salt: tree roots growing around and in sewer pipes will be killed with the use of about a cup of rock salt flushed down the toilet. This process is recommended to be done every 1-2 months in order to keep the pipes tree root free and keeping them from clogging. Homeowners and commercial property owners are warned that rock salt has the potential to kill the tree entirely.
  • Copper Sulfate: while less effective than rock salt, copper sulfate is used to kill tree roots in sewer lines and deter the clogging of pipes. However, be cautious when using copper sulfate, as it is toxic.

Avoiding the costs and stresses that come with needing a sewer system repair is important. Therefore, all homeowners and commercial property owners must pay attention to the flow of their pipes. Thousands of dollars are saved when the pipes are protected from tree root invasion.

If you find that a tree root intrusion has altered the flow of your drainage pipes, it is important to act immediately. Tree roots are able to quickly adapt and grow to new environments. As a result, homeowners or property managers of commercial buildings must act quickly. To learn more about your specific issue, please contact Florida’s pipelining experts, Pipelining Technologies, Inc.!

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