Sewer Line Videos: Purpose, Costs and Everything Else You Need to Know

Sewer scopes. Camera inspections. Video scopes. Video pipe inspection. CCTV inspection. There are many terms for inspecting sewer lines with cameras. No matter what you call it, the procedure is one that you may need for your home or business one day. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know when you do.

The Purpose of Video Sewer Inspection

There are a few reasons to complete a video sewer inspection. For one thing, most plumbing is underground and out of sight. Video technology gives us the best opportunity to get an up-close, in-depth look at what’s going on within your pipes. It allows professional pipelining and plumbing technicians to observe all the details of your plumbing system, identify cracks and roots, and diagnose known and unknown plumbing problems. What’s more, if you plan to have any trenchless pipe work completed, video pipe inspection should be the first step. When you work with Pipelining Technologies, we complete video before and after any work is completed. Ultimately, video sewer inspection allows us to get a highly detailed and accurate understanding of your pipe layout.

Video Pipe Inspection for Real Estate

While recent sales will help determine the market price, the ultimate selling price of a property also depends partly on the condition of the building, including the integrity of its plumbing systems. This makes video pipe inspection a popular service to complete before and after real estate transactions.

As a seller, you can use a comprehensive video inspection to inspect your pipes to either improve your listing and selling proposition or identify problems before they endanger a sale.

For buyers, sewer and stormwater drain video inspections give you confidence in what you’re buying. A standard home inspection will not cover these services, but pipes are a critical piece of your home’s inner workings. This is especially important if the house in question is more than 25 years old. If those pipes have not been inspected or re-lined, you could face failure not long after you buy your new-to-you home. A high-quality video inspection will provide everything you need to know to avoid any unwelcome surprises.

Cost of Video Sewer Inspection

Like any professional service, pipe inspection can range from basic to comprehensive, costing anywhere from $0 to $1500, which is often commensurate with the work performed and technology that’s used. (So, if you’re just starting your research, make sure you determine exactly what kind of inspection you can expect!)

Here at Pipelining Technologies, we use the latest video technology to build a comprehensive understanding of how your pipes function. When we perform a sewer inspection, we’re not just taking video capture; we are also measuring critical aspects of the plumbing apparatus, taking note of the pipe diameter plus any diameter changes, pipe length, and the total number of branch connections and their locations.

Our videos are high-definition and produced in full color. In most cases, if we’re going to do any pipelining work, we need to capture this information anyway—so you can rest assured we’re capturing all necessary details. When we’re done with our video pipe inspection, you can count on a thorough and accurate representation of your complete piping systems, all in full color!

Scheduling Your Professional Sewer Video Inspection

A video inspection being done by Pipelining Technologies, Inc.

A professional video recording of your sewer inspection can help clarify what can be an intimidating problem. Pipe issues don’t have to be scary, though. With the right team, technology and technical expertise, Pipelining Technologies can help you determine what’s causing your pipe problems—and provide a comprehensive resolution for fixing them.

Already have a plumbing video? We’re happy to take a look at that too! Contact us today to get started with your pipe project.

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