Pipelining Technology Featured in Cleaner Magazine

Pipelining Technologies was honored to be the feature story in the April 2022 issue of Cleaner, an industry magazine aimed at highlighting new technologies and elevating industry standards. The piece provided an in-depth look at the company’s beginnings, progress over time, and ethos today – showcasing a firm that is dedicated to excelling in its craft.

We are happy to share a few insights from the piece.

Pipelining Technologies is a family firm

Michael Wilson, the company’s founder, owned a plumbing company before establishing Pipelining Technologies. He learned about pipe lining technology while at a trade show, and according to his son, his attention turned to the market potential.

“He was very intrigued by it and saw huge potential in our market for this kind of technology,” says Loren Wilson, Michael Wilson’s son and the company’s operations manager.

Pipelining Tech is decidedly specialized.

While the business could undoubtedly offer traditional and standard plumbing services, Pipelining Tech chooses to do one thing and do it well. The company’s founder has spent years sourcing and testing state-of-the-art equipment that will produce superior results, for every type of project. From pipe lining materials to inspection tools and robotics that help map underground and in-wall pipes, no stone was left unturned when it came to finding the best.

We like to have as many tools in the toolbox as possible to fit all applications, Wilson says.

The Investment in a Specialty Service with Specialty Tools and Training has Paid Off As Pipelining Tech grew from four to today’s 40 employees, Michael Wilson continued to invest directly into the company – bolstering its capabilities and increasing its abilities to take on more complex projects. Through tools and training – which included on-the-job learning – Pipelining was able to beat out the competition and establish a stronghold in its niche market.

As Wilson tells Cleaner:
“Instead of branching out with plumbing and lining divisions, we narrowed our focus to just pipe lining because of the huge potential,” he explains. “And because pipe lining is so different from plumbing, we found it more beneficial to have our guys focus just on pipe lining.

“As a result we feel like our guys are the best in the southern Florida market because that’s all they do.”

Pipelining Technologies is Here to Help. And Stay.

From 20-story condos to under-pool pipes, Pipelining Technology employs specialists who understand the complexities of plumbing structure and the capabilities of their tools on hand. An inspection from them is anything but simple – and provides detailed analysis of pipe layout and structure – helping you make the best decision about how to solve your problems.

To read more about Pipelining Technologies’ history, specialty, and dedication to the craft, view the full article here.

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