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You can save thousands on your sewer repair bill by choosing pipe lining as your repair method. Less stress, less mess and a long-lasting end product is what you have to look forward to. Contact us today to get started!

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Residential Pipe Lining Made Simple

Pipe Lining is a long-lasting and cost-effective pipe repair option for your home that consists of forming a structural liner within your existing drainage system. The liner itself is made of a felt-like tube that is impregnated with a two-part epoxy. Once the liner is in place within your plumbing system it is then inflated – taking the shape of the existing pipe – and left in place to cure into a brand new pipe with the strength comparable to PVC.


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Relax. Pipe Repair Has Never Been Easier.

Don’t let messy pipe repair options force you out of your own home. With the minimally invasive process of pipe lining, you can carry on your daily activities while we make the needed repairs.

  • No Trenching or Cutting Floors.

  • No Hazardous Waste in Your Home.

  • Work Is Performed From Outside.

  • Peace of Mind – Guaranteed.

The Residential Pipe Lining Advantage.

  • 50+ Year Life-Use Expectancy

  • 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

  • Save 30-40% on Repair Costs

  • Increases Flow

  • Prevents Tree-Root Intrusion

  • No Digging or Destruction

  • Repairs Made in Days Not Weeks

  • Minimal Inconvenience

  • Environmentally Friendly

Residential Sewer Pipe Lining

Residential homes are structured to last a certain numbers of years. Unfortunately, as these homes age, so do the sewer systems within them. Aged sewer systems create a number of problems for the average homeowner. The combination of use and age creates a faulty piping system over time, resulting in pipe leaks, corrosion, cracking and tree root intrusion. Pipelining Technologies, Inc. has more than 12 years of experience in residential pipe lining. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with every aspect of your repair, from our quality of work to our customer service; we always get the job done right.

Residential pipe repair is critical to the overall functionality of any home. That being said, when the time comes to repair a sewer system homeowners are often hesitant to take action in order to avoid mess, distraction and headache. Trenchless sewer repair, however, alleviates each and every one of these concerns. Our technicians utilize a proven trenchless sewer repair system to not only restore the pipe structure, but to do so in the least invasive manner possible.

As opposed to traditional sewer repair, trenchless technology ensures that homeowners can go about their day as usual. The technicians at Pipelining Technologies, Inc. employ residential trenchless sewer repair without destroying landscape, creating waste, and in many cases, without even working within your home. With a 10 year parts and labor warranty and a 50 year life-use expectancy, our Pipe Lining repair method cannot be beat.

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What Homeowners Like You are Saying About Us.

Just wanted to thank Pipelining for providing excellent customer service. The employees are very professional and do great work. Thanks again for everything.

Scott S., Homeowner

This company and it’s staff deserve 10 stars! From my initial call to Craig Underwood, to the camera work by Taylor & Travis, right through to final inspection, this company was professional, courteous, efficient and simply a pleasure to deal with!

Tracey P., Homeowner

Pipelining Technologies lined the sewer pipe from my house to the City’s sewer-line. They did a great job! They completed the entire job in 2 days. Craig Underwood was great. He did the estimate and coordinated the entire job. Everything was GREAT! Thanks so much!

Jack S., Homeowner

Can’t say enough about this amazing technology……The crew that did the installation were extremely helpful and professional in explaining each step of the process. My husband and I are very satisfied with the end results. I highly recommend Pipelining Technologies!

Karen B., Homeowner

Frequently Asked Questions

Each home and pipe lining project is unique so a sewer video inspection is required before providing pricing for your home. Still, pipe lining is usually 30-40% cheaper than the cost to replace pipes conventionally. Need a quote for pipe lining? Call us today at (561) 853-5463 to schedule an inspection!

Usually 3-4 days for the average 2-bath single family home. The lining process begins after the initial video inspection is performed and a lining proposal is created and signed.

Day 1: Pipes are cleaned and a clean out is installed.

Day 2: Pipes are lined and left to cure-in-place, sometimes overnight.

Day 3-4: Branch lines are robotically reinstated/reopened.

Yes. C.I.P.P. (Cured-In-Place-Pipe) Lining is recognized by the Florida Building Code and the State of Florida requires a permit to be pulled on all residential, commercial and industrial pipe lining applications. This serves to protect you as a homeowner ensuring that only approved materials and methods are introduced into your drainage system by the contractor.

Pipe lining can solve almost any drainage related problem such as tree root intrusion, large gaps, cracks, holes, etc. Only in rare situations where there is an issue with the pitch or the pipe has collapsed in on itself will lining not be a solution since the liner follows the path and shape of the pipe. If a section of the pipe has dropped, is bent, or has collapsed we will typically dig down and replace the affected section to correct the issue and then line the through the entire length of the pipe including the section we replaced.

NOTE: Many plumbers use the terms “back-pitch” and “collapsed” loosely. The only way for us to determine whether your home is a candidate for lining would be for our technicians to perform a video inspection of your plumbing system.

Drainage will be unavailable for portions of each day that we are on-site. Your drainage system will typically be operational by the time we leave each afternoon, otherwise shut down is coordinated with the homeowner.

The typical thickness of an installed liner is 1/8th of an inch. This minimal reduction in pipe size is not a concern the following reasons:

  1. We clean the pipe prior to lining which restores the pipe as close as possible to its original diameter.
  2. What you lose in diameter, you gain in flow capacity since the lining material is very slick (similar to a water-slide) as opposed to rough cast iron which slows down flow.

Yes. Since the material is flexible when first applied it allows for maneuverability through most fittings like wyes, 45’s and 90’s,

To line branch lines we will either pull a toilet or use the corresponding vent openings on the roof to pull or invert the liner into place within the branch.

We are based out of West Palm Beach, Florida and typically cover a 50-mile service radius.

Some of the cities we serve are: Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Hollywood, North Miami Beach.


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