Grove Isle Condominiums


Grove Isle Condominiums

Grove Isle Condominiums are located on a private, self-contained Island in Coconut Grove (Miami), Florida. The three 18-story buildings house 500+ exclusive condominium units with underground parking, a tennis club, and access to a private marina. Pipelining Technologies was originally called to address specific problems related to drainage leaks flowing into one underground garage.

During the inspection process, it became clear that the sanitary and stormwater piping under the foundation in all three buildings had extensive “channeling”, which was causing erosion with resulting pipe settling and separations. At that point, Pipelining Technologies was contracted to line and structurally rehabilitate the 4-inch to 10-inch main trunk lines under the foundation in all three buildings and all the exterior building sewer laterals. All of this was accomplished with no service interruptions and minimal inconvenience to the residents.

Grove Isle Condominiums Pipe Lining Project

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