Project Description

Project Description:

Pipelining Technologies was hired by Bermuda House of Pompano in May of 2013 after a year of diligent research on the part of the Board in order to make the best repair decision for the building. The large volume of work performed was scheduled to span from May 2013 to September 2014.

The scope of work included:

  • Video inspect all sanitary lines to diagnose nature of plumbing issues
  • Vapor test vertical stacks
  • Clean all underground and vertical drainage pipes by means of hydro jetting or mechanical sweeping
  • Structurally line approximately 422 ft of underground sanitary cast iron pipe
  • Structurally line approximately 1890 ft of vertical stack sanitary cast iron pipe
  • Robotically reinstate approximately 218 branch lines
  • Final video inspection for presentation to board and plumbing inspector

Choosing to hire Pipelining Technologies, Inc. saved Bermuda House the cost of digging up the floors throughout the building and tearing out the walls in several units.

Please view a paraphrased version of Bermuda House’s testimonial below, or view the full PDF version here.

Project Details:

  • Bermuda-House
  • Bermuda-House


Broward County, FL


“My opinion of Pipe-Lining Technologies performance so far on a 1 – 10 scale is a “10”. There was excellent communication. The equipment was put away every day and they cleaned up the work areas completely. All of the workers and equipment appears professional. I was given the opportunity to look at the inside of the pipes on their monitor via a camera in the pipes. They look like new PVC. There is a large horizontal pipe that runs through a common area storage area. When lined the pipe cracked and this is proof that we are doing this project just in time.”
Steve S., President, Bermuda House