Condominium - Vertical Stack Project Testimonial

Trenchless Sewer Repair Project
Completed by Pipelining Technologies, Inc.




South Florida Oceanfront High-Rise Condominium




Palm Beach

Project Description

Pipelining Technologies, Inc. was contracted to rehabilitate 34 vertical cast iron stacks in a 14-story oceanfront condominium.  At the Board’s discretion, the project was divided into two phases, according to priority needs.

The original video camera inspections revealed a failing plumbing infrastructure in multiple stacks. Cracks, heavy scaling, deterioration resulting from age and element decay, and additional concerns such as backups were present. Following a forensic study of the piping system, PTI developed a scope of work that included mechanical cleaning, structurally lining all vertical stacks, robotic branch line reinstatements, and vapor testing.

The Condominium Board approved the SOW and PTI worked closely with the Board’s Engineer throughout the project. A dedicated team of skilled technicians delivered consistent, timely results to meet the projected timeline and promote the highest standards of care.

PTI installed structural CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) lining via continuous inversion method. Robotic equipment was used to perform precision reinstatement openings of more than 350 branch lines. Most of the work was initiated from the rooftop, well out of sight of visitors and residents. Vapor tests were performed to verify comprehensive lining success.

As a result of the coordinated efforts of the entire PTI team, this substantial vertical stack CIPP project was conducted with minimal interruption to residents.




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