Kennedy Space Center

Industrial pipelining is one of the most important features of Pipelining Technologies, Inc.’s service areas. Whether we are repairing the pipes on a power plant, a factory, or even the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, we treat each industrial pipe lining project individually. Special attention is required to ensure the safety and proper functionality of the industrial building during the pipe lining process.

Industrial environments contain a variety of strict coding requirements. The technicians at Pipelining Technologies, Inc. are well versed in this area, understanding the intricacies involved with pipe repair in an industrial building. Our pull-in-place and inversion processes ensure that zero disturbance occurs in the industrial building and the surrounding areas.

Pipelining Technologies, Inc. has the experience, customer service, and expertise to ensure that your industrial pipe lining is completed in a timely fashion. In addition, we offer a 5 Year warranty on our workmanship and materials. Join Pipelining Technologies, Inc. as we continue to build upon over 30 years of experience in industrial pipe repair.