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Spend more time with what is important and less time dealing with damaged pipes and unreliable repair options. Pipelining Technologies takes out the stress and mess of what could be a difficult situation.

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The Pipelining Process

Pipelining is a cost effective, long lasting and trenchless repair option for sanitary drainage pipes.


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They worked hard and sometimes long days just to make sure they would keep their promise of staying on schedule. They were always smiling and their disposition spoke volumes about your company. We were all so impressed to get a glimpse of their character particularly now a days and in these times.
Myrna L., Golden Isles Yacht Club

Who We Are

As licensed Plumbing and General Contractors we strive to set the Gold Standard in the Trenchless Pipe Repair Industry.


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  • Pipelining Technologies was the first to bring C.I.P.P. (Cured-In-Place-Pipelining) to South Florida in April of 2005.
  • Prior to specializing in pipelining, we have done business as a State Certified Plumbing Contractor (License # CFC1428578) in the same location since 1985.
  • Our 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty is held true by our consistent service in South Florida.
  • We have the most experience in trenchless pipelining among all of our competitors.
Pipelining Technologies is proudly owned and operated by Michael Wilson, a State Certified Plumbing Contractor for over 30 years. Mr. Wilson values our reputation with the community, his employees, and most importantly our dear customers. Mr. Wilson takes a personal interest in the operations of his company and goes the extra mile to ensure that we are delivering a quality application that he would have done in his own home.
Our commitment to the quality of all pipelining applications runs deep. We teach Building Inspectors, Property Managers, Board Members and Homeowners what to look for in Pipelining Contractors and their applications. Our efforts continue to bear results as our community discovers and accepts trenchless pipelining as a practical and effective sewer and storm water repair option.
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