Customer Health & Safety Screening - COVID-19

In order to provide our customers and employees the highest level of confidence in care, this screening must be returned prior to beginning any service. We thank you for your accurate responses. Please contact our office immediately at (561)853-5463 if any of these answers change. The return of this form signifies your receipt and understanding of this message and indicates that you have answered truthfully. An answer of “yes” to any question will result in a follow-up phone consultation and may, at our discretion, require rescheduling of work in order to proactively reduce potential exposure. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate through these unchartered conditions.

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Safely Servicing Your Neighborhood

Safely Servicing Your Neighborhood

Pipelining Technologies, Inc. has always placed safety first. During these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have instituted additional health and safety measures in order to continue to serve your neighborhood. As an essential service provider, we comply with government recommendations. Additionally, we have taken further precautions to safeguard our customers and team members.

Here are some of the ways we’re working to bring you safer pipe rehabilitation:

  1. Daily team member health screenings including temperature checks
  2. Customer health screening forms required for all services
  3. Enhanced sanitation measures at every touchpoint
  4. Additional PPE for technicians and warehouse staff
  5. More digital and touchless confirmation options for our customers

Pipe Lining has always been the healthier option

The unfavorable effects of traditional pipe repair/replacement go beyond the obvious destruction of your property. Excavating sewage lines means that you are likely exposing your home (and the air within your home) to particulates from within your sewage pipes. Consider what goes through your drainage (waste) pipes each and every day. Now imagine years, even decades’ worth of residual from those contents being harvested from inside your family’s kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

While homeowners often choose pipe lining for the cost-saving and long-lasting benefits, protecting the health of your family is also at the top of the list. Timely pipe lining repair can reduce the likelihood of disease spreading from waste. With CIPP (trenchless) pipe rehabilitation, there is very little, if any, need to expose the faulty pipes – along with their contaminants and odors – inside your home. Unlike conventional pipe replacement, pipe lining allows residents to remain in their homes and have as little disruption as possible.

Pipelining Technologies, Inc. has specialized in CIPP (trenchless) pipe lining for more than 15 years. With both Plumbing and General Contractor’s Licenses, we strive to protect homeowners and offer them the highest level of service from exceptionally trained technicians. Fully insured, and permitted, we offer a 5-year parts and labor warranty. Pipelining has a 50-year life use expectancy. We are happy to discuss how we can solve your pipe problems at 561-853-5463