Multi-Story Building Managers are spending thousands of dollars repairing leaks in their shower drainpipes. However, there is a cheaper alternative repair method to tearing out your shower to replace these pipes. Pipelining is a shower drain repair service that can structurally repair bad shower risers without having to remodel the entire bathroom.

What is a Shower Riser Drain?

A shower riser pipe exists in multi-story residential buildings such as condominiums and apartment complexes. These pipes run through your shower pan and concrete floor. Then, below your floor and above your neighbor’s ceiling, shower drain pipes are tied in to a p-trap and then a branch line ties into the rest of your plumbing system.

Shower Drain Leaking Through Ceiling Below

A bad shower drainpipe can leak on your neighbors in the floor below and cause substantial damage. With a leaking shower pipe in a condoBad Shower Riser Drain or apartment building, ceiling drywall can be ruined and may even break apart due to water saturation and fall into your neighbors living space. Figuring out the exact cause of the leak can be frustrating. Likely, if you have called contractors out for an estimate to repair your shower leak, you may have been told that in order to reach and repair the cracked pipe, your shower must be torn out and replaced. Don’t be quick to accept this advice!

What Standard Shower Drain Repair Involves

Repairing a shower drainage pipe may involve thousands of dollars and a lot of time to complete if done conventionally. Since the shower drain pipe runs through your tile, shower pan and concrete floor they must be torn out in order to replace the bad shower pipe. The amount of destruction involved requires just about your entire bathroom to be remodeled. New concrete must be poured, a new shower installed and any finishes such as tile must be replaced. Depending on the type of shower and décor that has to be replaced, the entire shower pipe repair process may involve several thousands of dollars. According to, the average cost to install a medium to high-end shower stall is about $6,000, varying by region.

The Pipelining Shower Leak Repair Solution

If you would like to save thousands of dollars on shower drain repair, go with pipelining as your repair method. Pipelining may cost you as little as half that of traditional shower pipe repair. Pipelining can repair your leaky shower pipes in only a few hours and does not require demolition to your bathroom, shower, or finishes.

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How Does Pipelining Work?

Pipelining involves the insertion of an epoxy saturated felt tube into the cracked shower drain pipe. The epoxy liner is then inflated and left to cure for 3-4 hours. After the liner is cured or hardened, we pack up and your pipe is restored. Watch a video of the pipelining process explained. The end result of pipelining your bad shower drain is:

  • A brand new pipe within the old pipe.
  • Increased water flow.
  • No leaks.
  • A 50 year life-use expectancy
  • An undamaged shower stall.
  • Huge cost savings.

This work can be performed right from the shower drain and may be back in use after only a few hours.

Fix Your Leaking Shower Pipes Today!

Don’t be quick to tear out your shower stall to fix a leak! Pipelining Technologies, Inc. can diagnose your pipe problems with a video inspection and repair a damaged shower drain pipe without causing more destruction. If you have any questions or would like to repair your pipes using pipelining please call Pipelining Technologies, Inc. today at (561) 853-5463 or fill out our contact form and we will contact you in a timely manner.