Project Description

Project Description:

On March 3rd 2014, Pipelining Technologies began working at Carlton Terrace North Condominiums, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in order to rehabilitate the East Building’s piping system. One hundred and thirty  (130′) linear feet of 4″ horizontal cast iron piping were lined underneath the building. Now that Carlton Terrace North has a fresh plumbing system they won’t have to worry about the newly lined pipe for many years.

A summary of the work done for Carlton Terrance North is as follows:

  • The main sanitary line underneath the building was jetted to clean/prep the pipe.
  • Vac truck was used to clean the debris from the jetting process.
  • 130′ of 4″ horizontal cast iron pipe was lined.
  • 10 branch reinstatements in the main sanitary line.
  • Worksite was cleaned and job was completed.

The project went very smooth from the original camera inspection all the way to cleaning up after the job was done. Andy Scalzo, President of Carlton Terrace North, expressed his gratitude toward Pipelining Technologies with a hand written compliment letter that can be read here. In this letter Mr. Scalzo states “The whole crew was professional and provided excellent service.”. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver such quality customer service to the Fort Lauderdale area.

Project Details:

  • Condominium Pipe Repair


Broward County, FL