Project Description

Project Description:

Pipelining Technologies was hired by April Song Condominium Association of Hallandale, Florida in March of 2014.

The scope of work included:

  • Video inspect to diagnose nature of plumbing issues
  • Structurally line approximately 200 ft of underground sanitary cast iron pipe
  • Robotically reinstate approximately 20 branch lines
  • Final video inspection for presentation to board and plumbing inspector

Choosing to hire Pipelining Technologies, Inc. saved April Song the cost of digging a 200 ft trench through the condominium as well as the cost of snaking out the sewer lines monthly to avoid back-ups.

Project Details:

  • April Song Condominium


Broward County, FL


“Thanks for doing a great job on our underground 200ft pipe. Not having to dig was fantastic. Our monthly snake-outs to prevent backups were probably more costly than the completed pipe job. I know there were unexpected problems during the job that your crew defeated. I’m very proud and satisfied with the big pipe job you completed for April Song.”
Frank Q., President, April Song Condominium