Ground Penetrating Radar for Pipe Lining

//Ground Penetrating Radar for Pipe Lining

When we walk around buildings, whether in our homes, place of business, or even the local mall, we seldom take the time to think about what is going on beneath our feet. Even further, when we stroll down the sidewalks, do we ever stop to wonder why there may be cracks in the pavement? Unfortunately, depressions are caused on the surfaces (and pavements) in many of these places due to situations beyond that which meet the eye. Leakages in sewer pipes are commonly the culprit causing these depressions.

So, how do homeowners and property managers protect their infrastructure from the damaging effects of leaking pipes? Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is one of the most successful methods of pinpointing an underground issue. Ground penetrating radar is not only effective and financial intelligent, but it is a safe and secure method. This nondestructive technique ensures that discovery of issues in pipes that may lead to leakages, and thus, problems above ground.

GPR uses high frequency electromagnetic waves to acquire subsurface information. This information is incredibly useful in the detection of leaks, their exact location, and the severity of the damage. The ability to locate and identify a belowground issue from above ground is useful for a numbers of reasons. First, noninvasive discovery is imperative to commercial buildings that must stay in business regardless of leaking pipes. In addition, the depth of the pipe is established, making pipe lining that much easier when the time comes.

At Pipelining Technologies, Inc., we take great pride in our ability to successfully use ground penetrating radar to detect leaking pipes. Call us today for a free consultation!


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