Budget For Pipe Lining

Board Members: The new year is just around the corner, it is time to consider your condominium’s budget for 2019. Likely you have an expected list of expenditures whether they be administrative expenses, building maintenance, or utilities. However, you may be forgetting a critical line item: SANITARY DRAINAGE PIPE REHABILITATION.

If you neglect to budget for this unseen “Sleeping-Giant” of building maintenance, as absurd as it sounds an out-house may be in your community’s future.

Should YOUR Condominium’s budget include a line item for Pipe Rehabilitation?

If your condominium is 20 years old or older, the annual budget and extended 5 Year forecasted budget must include the necessary plumbing infrastructure rehabilitation costs. Cast iron pipes under your building begin to deteriorate the moment water runs through them for the first time. After 20 years they begin to erode and crack. These cracks allow sewage backups causing extensive damage and repair costs. So plan ahead and avoid having to expunge your emergency reserve line item.

Before deciding how much to budget for structural pipelining rehabilitation, we recommend scheduling a complete video inspection to understand the true condition of your pipes. This service is a critical step in making next year’s budget as accurate as possible.

New asphalt, landscaping, and paint is nice, but no one will live in a building without a working sanitary drainage system. Call us for help in determining whether your condominium should be budgeting for pipe rehabilitation. And remember, a functioning 21st century plumbing system beats an out-house any day.