Pipelining Warranty


The State of Florida mandates that a contractor must stand behind any kind of work performed for a minimum of one year. Pipelining Technologies goes above and beyond, standing behind our work for 5 Years.

 A Warranty You Can Trust

It has been said that a warranty is only as good as the contractor giving it. Below are some reasons why you can trust Pipelining Technologies to live up to our Warranty:

We Keep Our Customer Base Local: Pipelining Technologies does not travel out of state to perform pipelining work. We keep our customer base within an hour and a half commute, minimizing our response time in case a warranty issue does arise.

We Have Been In Business For MORE Than Our Warranty Period: Would you be leery to trust a newly established business to give you a 5 Year Warranty? Rest assured that Pipelining Technologies has a proven track record in our community. Pipelining Technologies has been serving South Florida since April of 2005 with honest and highly esteemed pipelining services. Prior to the start of Pipelining Technologies in 2005, the Owner, Michael Wilson, has been in the plumbing business locally since 1985.

We Keep Customer Records Indefinitely in Our Secure Database:  In addition to video inspections, contracts, reports, and line drawings, Pipelining Technologies maintains records of the batch/lot numbers for the lining materials used, including the epoxy and the liner itself. Having this information validates the “materials” part of the warranty in the case of there being a defect in the manufacturer’s product.

We Have an Impeccable Track Record of Customer Satisfaction: Our record with our customers in South Florida speaks for itself. We encourage you to explore our reputation with our clients. Below are some places that you can find our customer testimonials.

We Own Up To Our Mistakes:

Mistakes happen, even by the most professional and reliable companies. What matters is how they make it right. We are proud to say that we stand behind all of our work, especially if an issue arises due to a mistake on our part or an issue with the manufacturer’s product. Below is a comment from one of our customers who did experience an issue a year after his initial job was completed. Notice what he has to say about our warranty:

I wanted to let you all know how much we appreciate you going above and beyond to fix our problem.  I was asked previously to leave the google review and told the guys get a little bonus if I did so but never did.  I thought that this time certainly warranted the review online since you came back to correct an issue a year after the project was completed.  That to me is a company I can trust and recommend to my friends and neighbors.  

Thanks again,


PTI 5 Year WarrantyLet us Prove our Trustworthiness

If a contractor’s reputation is an important selling point for you, then Pipelining Technologies is at your service. We have more experience in pipelining than any of our local competitors. Also, we have been around for a long time in the South Florida service area, in the same location. We do not have a pool of angry, unsatisfied customers. Rather, our customers often leave us glowing remarks in the form of written letters, emails, and online reviews. If you would like more information about our warranty and how we can assist you with your next pipelining project, contact us today!